Strategic Plan


This Strategic Plan reflects the strategic thinking of the Board Management. It is produced for Management of Akyemmansa Rural Bank Ltd in order to analyse its past and present information. The objective of this plan is to look at the past, make projections and assess the future of the bank so that a line of action could be taken to enable the bank meet the aspirations of its shareholders, customers and play an effective role in the development of its catchment area. The time span for the plan shall be five (5) years from 2015 to 2019. The Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually to maintain its relevance in providing direction to the Bank.

The Akyemmansa Rural Bank Ltd is a unit bank owned and managed by people in its catchment area who are the shareholders. It was commissioned in 1984. The bank Head Office is located at Akim Ayirebi in the Akyemmansa District in the Eastern Region of Ghana with Ofoase as the administrative capital. The name Akyemmansa denotes the three traditional Akyems which are Kotoku, Abuakwa and Bosome.

The bank serves several towns and villages within these three traditional areas with a population of more than 80,000. The main economic activities of the area include cash and food crop farming, petty trading, cottage industries and government departments and companies. Cocoa growing is very predominant in the catchment area as well as oil palm tree cultivation.

The bank has five (5) agencies at Akyem Ayirebi, Akyem Akokoaso, Akyem Wenchi, Akyem Oda and Suhum in the Suhum Municipality all in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The bank is currently run by a 8-member board of directors who formulate policies for the management.